Introducing Our Newest Contributer: Saskia!

Hey there! I’ve been working in cafés for the last few years and gradually building up my immunity to caffeine. I love meeting new people, having a chat, travelling, and finding new brunch and coffee spots. My interest and experience in coffee has grown from some passionate and talented women, who I’m so thankful for being patient and supportive while I learn. I want this blog to be the same, for veterans and newcomers alike to discuss ideas and issues and feel comfortable.
Coffee and food has become such a large part of Australian culture, and is shaping Adelaide to become more vibrant among the suburbs as well as inner city. As an aggressively proud Adelaidean, I’m so excited to be able to meet some of the Adelaide women working in hospitality.
While I’m keen for this to be a positive and inclusive space, I want this blog to become a platform to discuss experiences of sexism in the industry from either work mates or customers, and how to combat this while maintaining workplace dynamics and customer experiences. I’m looking forward to meeting more of the hospo women out there, hearing your stories and backgrounds and hopefully learning a whole lot too!


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