Signature Cocktails: Island Fever

Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows how much I love a good rum old fashioned. It’s about as much as I love rum, and oranges, and chocolate, and coconut. 

When the Angostura global cocktail challenge came up last year, I wanted to create a cocktail that embodied all my favourite things and also paid homage to my island heritage (not to mention Angostura’s).

To honour my first Bitchen’Boozy Babe, Nicole Morgan of Island2island beverages, here is my Angostura 2015 global cocktail challenge entry, Island Fever:

Build, in a stemless wineglass:

4 orange segments

2 dashes angostura orange bitters

5 dashes angostura aromatic bitters

1 barspoon coconut sugar

Muddle, then add:

60 ml 1824 Angostura Rum


Top with Ice

Stir again

Garnish with flames orange zest & choc orange wheel.
Enjoy babes!


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