What we’re all about and who is behind the words.

Last night, I sat down at one of my regular watering holes, armed with my favourite industry magazine in hand, ready to unwind from my shift and be inspired. Except I wasn’t inspired. I was mad.

I was mad that all I was seeing was bearded bro’s, broing out in their bro ways about bro tending and bearding. Don’t get me wrong, I love bearded bro’s (heck, I’m madly in love with the one I’m marrying)! What I don’t love though, is knowing there are so many awe inspiring babes, doing just as great non bearded things, but somehow they aren’t being represented in industry publications. I thought to myself “Someone should do something about this!”

Then I realised “Hey! I’m someone. I will do something about this”! So, drunk off of my two beers, I pulled out my iPad and created this blog. Being technologically challenged, it took me about 4 hours to nut out how to do this. This morning, I posted on the Facebook about what I wanted to do. Within one hour, I was overwhelmed with 100% positive response rate and very emotional about the messages I was receiving.

Unsurprisingly, I had a lot of people saying to me that it’s about time. I hope this is a positive space for women in the hospitality and booze industry to not only celebrate each other, but be motivated and inspired by one another to rise to the top of our industry.

One day, if I ever get sponsored I’d like to do an industry awards night for Bitchen’ Babes only. That may be quiet a way off though!

So a little about me. Shucks, where do I begin? I’m in my late 20’s, Adelaide born and bred. When I was 10 I moved to Brisbane. I grew up wanting to be a fashion designer, but after working for the literal devil and having a total life melt down, I came back to Adelaide, tail between my legs in 2010.

Living with my rock/ 2nd Mum/ Aunty in the hills, I was inspired by my cousin/soul sister to apply at the Hahndorf inn hotel, where I was hired based on my confidence and sunny disposition. Working with a family orientated team, in such a busy yet positive place, really grew my love of hospitality.

From there, I moved the the Stamford Grand Hotel where I found many mentors and friends. I learned my love of cocktails, rum and wine during my time there (as well as my love of wine tours).

Since then, I moved to small bar Hains & Co., where I was the only female South Australian finalist in the Angostura Cocktail Competition. This has so far been the highlight of my career.

I now still sling drinks behind the bar, while I work on my own brand of bitters and mixers, study a bachelor of Viticulture & Wine Science, plan a wedding, keep my hat in the cocktail competition ring and now run this blog.

I’ve been described as kind, crazy, fiery, friendly, introverted, clumsy and clueless. I like to think that I’m a total bad ass booze nerd who also really likes hanging out at home with her cat and fiancĂ©. I want to change the world in anyway I can. I champion equality and believe in being the change I want to see in the world.

I have many mentors and heroes. Throughout this blog I will introduce you to many of them and hopefully find many more.
Lastly, I just want to thank each and every one of you for your time, support and participation. Let’s break the proverbial glass ceiling!


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